100% Success Rate for ISO 9001 Certifications!

hundredpercent_featuredSince 1993, 21st Century Quality Systems has been assisting small, medium and large complex organizations to achieve their goals and improve their competitiveness through the implementation of international standards. And whether it’s certification or compliance you’re after, 21st Century Quality Systems will get the job done for you—on time, and on budget.

Is Certification your goal? We can proudly say that we have a 100% Success Rate!

Does the cost factor of implementing a system for certification or compliance concern you? You should know that 21st Century Quality Systems is not a “cookie cutter” operation. After careful consideration, we will customize a plan for you that will generally be 20-30% below industry average. Why? Because we are confident, experienced and fair. We get it right the first time, and we will not add on extra hours to your budget when they are not needed.

Part of our expertise comes from being able to quickly understand your organization—its culture, its challenges, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We customize your system to give you the maximum amount of benefit with the least amount of disruption to your business.

We believe in “customers for life” and we will begin building a lasting relationship that is built on trust with you and your staff from the very first meeting. And if changes occur in your business, we can help you manage the change.

If manpower is an issue, 21st Century Quality Systems can assist you in regularly maintaining your system. With only 4 visits a year, we can assist you with Internal Audits, Corrective Actions and your Management Review requirements. Our services will enable you to free up valuable resources and still remain compliant. Small sized companies that are certified can also benefit from this plan, depending on the type of business.

We hope to maintain an on-going relationship with you so that in the event you need further service or enhancement, you will not hesitate to call 21st Century Quality Systems. We’ve been doing it right since 1993.

How can we help you? Contact us today! We look forward to discussing all the possibilities and helping you achieve your goals.

21st Century Quality Systems
“Bringing quality into the 21st century, one business at a time”

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Laura Denktash is truly a hyphenated professional. She is highly accomplished as a business consultant with a focus on the implementation of ISO 9001 quality systems. Both an author and publisher, Laura is currently working on a new project that focuses on the Mediterranean Diet. Meanwhile, she continues her work on several book projects and is available for workshops, seminars and speaking engagements.

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